The works of 6 young Yakutian artists at the Blazar fair in Moscow
by Anna Lebedinskaya
Yakutian artists successfully debuted at the Blazar fair of contemporary art. The works were sold for more than half a million rubles.

Prestigious international venue. Bright event in the world of contemporary art. Four days of an exciting journey through the galleries. All this is about the Blazar fair in Moscow.

Together with young artists, the Foundation for the Support of Contemporary Art of Yakutia AyarKut, which presented the works of Yakut artists, debuted at the event. The AyarKut project is led by an art manager, the owner of one of the leading art spaces in Russia, Cube.Moscow woman from Yakutia, Nadezhda Zinovskaya, with the support of "Sinet Spark" company.

The fact that the debut was successful is indicated by the figures of the fees. Almost all the works exhibited at the fair were sold. The total amount received from the sale was 570,000 rubles. Among the buyers were both private collectors and Russian celebrities. For example, two works by the artist Anya Enot were acquired in his collection by the famous singer, permanent solo performer of the group "Zveri" Roma "Zver" Bilyk
In this project Yakutia was represented by six artists: Dunya Zakharova, Ksenia Kudrina, Anya Enot, Selena Shestakova, Nadezhda Komissarova and Ian Sur. The curator of the stand was the director of HSE ART GALLERY Yulia Yusma. The organization of the space was entrusted to Irina Bugaeva, a specialist of the project department of Sinet Spark.

— Together with the curator Yulia Yusma, we have selected the works that we would be presenting. Since it was our debut, we occupied one of the largest stands with an area of 60 square meters, - says Irina Bugaeva. — We discussed all the details with the producers of the Blazar fair. When you work on organizing such an event for the first time, there is always an incredible anxiety inside. It seems that everyone around you is super cool professionals. But everything turned out to be much simpler — there is always a slight "creative mess" in the art world. We made it, thanks to everyone's support.

Yakutian artists presented 23 works at the stand. Ksenia Kudrina presented a series of 18 paintings as part of one of them. Also, part of the material was exhibited on the website, so that in total the girls presented 46 of their works at the fair.
In their works, the girls raise environmental issues, climate change, and also talk about their inner experiences.

At the fair graphic artist Nadezhda Komissarova presented her canvas "Orto Doidu" ("Middle World") - an engraving-print, which is a scroll unfolded to the full length (print (from the French estampe — stamp) - a printed impression on paper of an image of a special shape, a kind of graphic works - editor's note.) Textile works of Nadezhda are filled with Yakutian motifs, preserve the tradition of drawing and carving of Sakha people.

"The event was held at the highest level. Eminent collectors and gallery owners have learned about the art of Yakutia, I think it is great! Thanks to the AyarKut Foundation for the Support of Contemporary Art in Yakutia, we exhibited our works at the Blazar Contemporary Art fair. Our stand was greeted very warmly, according to the reviews of visitors and guests of the fair, the stand was one of the best at the fair. From the very first day they started buying our works, this is a great success," Nadezhda shares her impressions.

The artist Ien Sur exhibited six works: "Iie", "Olohtooh", a series of three works "Rains", as well as "On this day ...". In her work, the girl uses paper made from recycled cash receipts, plastic bottles, acrylic, cotton threads and even human hair.
"I was happy that I was at such a large-scale fair Blazar. After it, I want to go only forward and not doubt my uniqueness. It's such a peculiar experience to get to know people, including yourself. You talk about art without stopping, about your unique vision of life and creativity, and it all gives you an incredible boost of energy! The visitors said that only light and bright energy came from our stand," says Ien Sur about the fair.

Selena Shestakova's works are like bright flashes of memory about her childhood, about the summer spent in the Yakutian village. Motifs of Yakutian graphics are skillfully woven into the bright spots of forests and fields. At the fair, the girl presented seven works: five on the stand and two on the website.

"A lot of visitors' attention was focused on our stand. They were interested in what we put into our work. I had the warmest impressions from the fair, participating in such a cool activity is a whole event itself!" says Selena. The girl added that in such a short time, during four days, artists from Yakutia have united very much and became good friends.

Artist Ksenia Kudrina presented her "pandemic diary". She creates her works based on geographical maps, morbidity charts and other forms of visual statistics. Ksenia was watching the fair remotely - from Lensk.
"I was watching the fair from Lensk, and I really liked all the participants. I think we had a very strong stand, we represented our republic with an honour. Curator Yulia Yusma arranged the works very competently, everything was very harmonious. I met many artists for the first time, and I liked the content of the participants. We have a young team, and this pleases us, because the artists are "burning" with ideas, they have a great creative potential. Participation in the fair is a tremendous experience, and it's great that the girls were able to take part in it. This is very important for artists, because it is very important for artists to sell their works. I believe in Yakutian artists and I want people to know about them, because they have a very great potential," Ksenia said.

Anya Enot presented her works in the technique of painting and ceramics at the fair. She was very flattered with the organization of the fair and thanked the Foundation for the Support of Contemporary Art of Yakutia AyarKut for the opportunity.
The Blazar Fair of young Contemporary Art is the beginning of a long journey, says Nyurguyana Efremova, the project manager of Sinet Spark company. The AyarKut Foundation for the Support of Contemporary Art of Yakutia at Sinet Spark has an ambitious task - to develop Yakutian art and bring it to the Russian and international level.

"From 7th to 12th of September, there were busy days of participation in the fair. The first serious step and such a success! I am very glad that we managed to announce the Yakutian art on the Russian stage. The fair has its own atmosphere, which you need not only to feel, but also to live this atmosphere. I am sure that the girls returned home with new emotions and inspiration, which will allow them to create and develop even more. I would like that many more Yakutian artists would become a part of this event. We have great plans and bright events ahead of us, it is impossible to tell everything in detail about it at the moment," says Nyurguyana Efremova, the project manager of Sinet Spark.
Arsen Tomsky, the founder of " Sinet Spark", one of the initiators of the Foundation for the Support of Contemporary Art of Yakutia AyarKut, also congratulated the Yakutian artists on their successful debut.

"Congratulations on the first success of Yakutian artists and the AyarKut project! I am sure that the bright talent of Yakutian artists, sculptors, designers and other creators in the future will lead to stunning success, international recognition and even more sales — tens, hundreds of times more. This is an excellent example of the export of intellectual products from Yakutia and its popularization. I thank Nadezhda Zinovskaya for the invested talent and the large amount of work which had been done," said Arsen Tomsky.