01.02.2022 — 15.04.2022
About foundation
The AyarKut Foundation for the Support of Contemporary Art sets an ambitious task to put Yakutia on the world map of contemporary art by creating a new creative environment and conditions for the development of specialists in the field of art in the Republic. The Foundation's mission is the active development of international cooperation in the field of contemporary art, as well as the search, development and presentation of the culture of Yakutia both in the region itself and throughout Russia and abroad. The foundation's work is aimed at supporting Yakutian art professionals, foreign artists and art workers from other regions of Russia who are interested in exploring the Yakutian context in their practices.
The Foundation's program for the 2021-2022 season will include its own media resource, educational programs, three art residencies, international residency exchange programs, grants and exhibition initiatives.
The project was created on the initiative of the Arsen Tomsky's Sinet Spark Foundation. Like other projects and programs of Sinet Spark, the foundation aims to improve the quality of human life in conditions of extremely cold climate, vast and sparsely populated territories, geographical remoteness from world centers and poor development of human capital and infrastructure.