AYARKUT is an international cultural organization honoring the voices of artists who respond to the challenges of our time. We see artist as an agent of social change.
Foundation strategy is based on the idea of “unhomed” and support of native-led and indigenous voices.
The foundation programs aim to include participants into the international art market by support of an international selection board, partnerships and exchanges with non-profit organizations and galleries from the USA, Europe and Latin America.
Award & Annuale are two milestones that sum up the year's work of Ayarkut.

Annuale is a yearly interdisciplinary event. Including both research and exhibition projects Annuale will become a space for discussion and exchange between art professionals worldwide. Combining discussions, exhibitions, and research, Annuale will present pressing issues of/for local community or certain excluded groups which have right to be seen and heard.

Award is a celebration of contemporary art artists’ initiatives. Each year Ayarkut will encourage emerging artists and experimental projects.
Award provides production support for solo exhibitions in Latin American and international museums, professional development for artist-run organisations and fellowships for art professionals.

Art centers are aimed to become the point of attraction for art- professionals and art lovers around the whole region. Exchange program gives the opportunity to be represented in our network of art centres at the expense of swop around the world.
A network of art centers around the world:
Unified loyalty program for the art-centres network provide access to all AyarKut benefits through offline and online services.
Unified network of partnerships with businesses and institutions – opportunity to participate in global collaborations and exhibition projects from any place in the world
First Ayarkut Art Center to Open in 2023 in Mexico City
Second Ayarkut Art Center — Kazakhstan
Los Angeles Center / Exchange program
New York Center / Exchange program
London Center / Exchange program
Ayarkut Art Center in 2025 — South Africa
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