Ayarkut First Steps

Empowering Artists to Drive Change.

August 26, 2023
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The Ayarkut Foundation stands as a steadfast pillar of cultural enrichment and social transformation. Our dedication revolves around nurturing critical dialogue, inspiring action, and fostering meaningful impact across global societies.

At our core, we operate with the resolute belief that artists are not merely creators of aesthetically pleasing works, but potent agents of change”

- Nadezhda Zinovskaya, founder of Ayarkut.

This belief fuels our mission to empower artists to raise awareness, challenge conventions, and catalyze conversations around pivotal global issues. We acknowledge the transformative potential of art and are committed to facilitating the growth of artists by providing them with unparalleled opportunities and invaluable support. Through this dedicated endeavor, we aim to elevate not only individual artists but also to nurture the bond between art and communities that resonate globally.

Ayarkut Talks: Exploring Alternative Economy Models in Contemporary Art

In a manifestation of its mission, the Ayarkut Foundation inaugurated its journey with the event: "Ayarkut Talks:Alternative Economy Models in Contemporary Art." This event, held over two days on February 9 and 10, set the stage for a profound exploration of the intricate relationship between economics and art, exploring the alternative paradigms that challenge established norms.

The event, co-curated by Terremoto and PAC, brought together a lineup of international and Mexican artists, curators, and scholars.

Day 1: Rethinking Economic Narratives in Art

The first day of "Ayarkut Talks" explores the economic thought in the realm of art, with different sessions such as:

I. Commoning and Collaborative Economies: This session unveiled economic experiments rooted in collective sharing, collaborative labor, and the utilization of surplus—a clarion call for economic models that prioritize cooperation over competition.

II. Navigating the Digital Age: For this session, we explore the digital revolution's impact on the valuation and creation of art, revealing how the digital landscape has transformed perceptions of artistic worth.

III. Radicalizing Everyday Economics: This segment peeled back the layers of fictitious economies and radical economic practices embedded in everyday life, challenging conventional notions of value and exchange.

Day 2: Transcending Boundaries in Artistic Expression.

We embarked on a journey beyond the confines of conventional artistic models through the session:

I. Breaking Molded Models: Where artistic practices that defy established paradigms took center stage, showcasing the potency of creativity to transcend physical and conceptual boundaries.

II. Horizons of Imagination: This session unfolded as a testament to the infinite possibilities of artistic projects birthed from unconventional realms of imagination, where the speakers share their journeys into reshaping in their own way the different artistic norms.

More information about the event can be found at https://ayarkut.com/ayarkuttalks you can also watch Ayarkut Talks series at Ayarkut Youtube Channel

A Resounding Impact.

As Ayarkut Foundation blazes a trail of innovation and societal engagement, "Ayarkut Talks" has solidified its place as a transformative force in contemporary art discourse. By bridging economics and art through thought-provoking discussions, this event illuminated pathways to a future where creativity and critical examination intertwine to effect tangible change.

Additionally, on July 19th, Ayarkut's recent engagement at SOMA in Mexico City brought together CEO Arsen Tomsky and inDrive Board members to spotlight the artistic achievements of former SOMA students who graduated from 2017 to 2022. The exhibition highlighted the intersection of art and societal change, reflecting Ayarkut's commitment to fostering creativity with a purpose. This event served as a platform for discussions about forthcoming visionary projects, and Ayarkut expressed gratitude to partners and contributors who played a role in making this event possible while creating a deeper bond with InDrive.

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Ayarkut Future Plans.

Ayarkut's plans for the current year span an impressive range of projects and collaborations. Among them, "Labiar'' is set to deliver exhibitions throughout 2024. The "Cobertizo" residency program commences with the announcement of residents on August 23, followed by the program ending with an open studio visit in September 2023, as the "NODOS" program by PAC that also unfolds during September from the 28 to 30 in León, Guanajuato.

"El Cuarto de los Ojos Sucios" promises a series of live artist sessions, starting with Mariana Paniagua on August 27, and featuring accomplished artists like Roger Muñoz, Maria Cerdá, José Eduardo Barajas, Julian Madero, and Mónica Figueroa in the following months. Meanwhile, "MArCE" initiates the thought-provoking "Cook and Resist" research project in August, culminating in a public food festival in November and a reflective community gathering in December. Collectives like MArCE, REd Juteo, and Tuchtin present "Lo que deja la corriente - Film screening and drifts," spanning various locations from August to November.

Notably, the "TRAVESIAS - TERREMOTO" project prepares for a public residency launch and Terremoto's 10th-anniversary celebration in October. In addition, "La Postal Exhibition" curated by Ana Gabriela García from November 9 to December 9, and the marathon screening "El Futuro Más Acá" on November 16, add to the enriching cultural tapestry while SOMA will host weekly sessions every Wednesday's featuring diverse speakers, solidifying its role as a vital hub of artistic discourse and exploration. Lastly, Ayarkut's partnership with inDrive in Almaty, Kazakhstan, takes shape through public art installations and projects, fostering cultural connections and creative growth.

Ayarkut Foundation's journey has just begun, yet its impact is palpable, underscoring the profound influence that art can have in reshaping societies. If you’re looking to find more information about the projects supported by Ayarkut and upcoming events, follow Ayarkut social media 

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