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Presenting "inDrive Public Art Objects 2023" Artists

Meet the Artists of 'Perdidxs y Curtidxs': Nodos 2023 Edition in León, Guanajuato

Nodos: Bajío 2 | Perdidxs y curtidxs - Event Calendar

COBERTIZO Presents the Artists Selected for The 2023 Residency.

Ayarkut Voices: Noé Martínez.


Nurturing Creativity and Artistic Growth for LGBTQ+ Women in México.

Exploring Opportunities

Long-Term Scholarships and Grants for Interdisciplinary Art Programs

Ayarkut First Steps

Empowering Artists to Drive Change.


Fostering Transformative Artistic Dialogues in Mexico through Residency Art Program.

Nodos: Bajío 2

Exploring Art, Identity, and Community.

El Cuarto de los Ojos Sucios

Every session of this project serves as an intimate rendezvous with the artists themselves.