Cobertizo Open Studio

An event uniting artists, curators, collectors, and art enthusiasts to celebrate the journeys of the resident artists

October 4, 2023

In Jilotepec, Estado de Mexico, this past Sunday, around 40 people, including artists, curators, collectors, friends, and family, came together for the Cobertizo Open Studio. This event showed the work of seven artists who had completed residencies at Cobertizo, a non-profit artistic space.

Without a set agenda, attendees moved through different rooms, where each artist discussed their residency experiences and displayed their work. Attendees got to witness the artists' creations, and exhibition setup while enjoying a musical performance by one of the residence artists, Enrique Arriaga.

Afterward, everyone enjoyed a walk through the hacienda's natural surroundings, and as the event wrapped up, some visitors gathered on the grass to discuss the artists' work, which left a strong impression, and anticipation surrounds the forthcoming projects of these skilled artists

Cobertizo residency program promotes unity within the artistic community and underscores art's ability to bring people together.

Cobertizo Open Studio

October 4, 2023

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