COBERTIZO Presents the Artists Selected for the 2023 Residency.

September 13, 2023
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"Cobertizo" is a non-profit artistic residency that aims to contribute to the dissemination and connection of contemporary art, with a special focus on production processes. It seeks to encourage this practice within a collectively constructed environment of critical reflection and curatorship support, giving rise to a cohesive and transformative community. For the 2023 edition, the following artists have been selected:



Through collage, sculpture, and painting, Bruno explores numerous avenues for materials to either retain or regain their value, even after being considered waste or discarded. He successfully earned his bachelor's degree in arts at the Secretaría de Cultura de Jalisco. His artwork has been showcased in various cities across the country, as well as in the United States and Switzerland.


(Costa Rica)

Diana's work emphasizes processes of friction, transformation, and collapse, as she explores places that coexist in tension with so-called "productive spaces." She poses questions within her work, such as: How are socio-political interests and tensions inscribed in the territory? Who are the subjects, materials, and processes that mediate this production?



Enrique is a sound and visual artist whose work encompasses listening, drawing, and gesture to conduct exercises in sound experimentation, introspection, and intersubjectivity. He approaches free improvisation as an open method for developing collaborative processes that explore sound.



Fernando is a visual artist, a graduate of UAEM, who explores the interaction between environmental issues and socio-political dynamics in rural and peripheral spaces. He utilizes landscape reconstruction, fictional narratives, and memory recovery to represent devastated ecosystems and survival systems through painting, drawing, and sculpture.

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Maria creates temporary installations that respond to the site and interact critically with the places where they are situated. Through her interventions, she questions the internal logic, conventions, and structures that determine our relationship with art spaces.



Samuel's work focuses on the qualities we can attribute to our environment, often assimilated as "landscape," where tensions and perspectives intertwine. Samuel is interested in the idea of constructing worlds from multiplicity, diversifying thought, and entangling/disrupting what cannot be changed.



Sonia, a visual artist from Buenos Aires, works with biological materials through drawing and live sculpture. She unfolds a theoretical-philosophical imagination linked to nature and biology as discourses.

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