Meet the Artists of 'Perdidxs y Curtidxs': Nodos 2023 Edition in León, Guanajuato

September 13, 2023
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"Perdidxs y Curtidxs" is the title of this edition of the Nodos program, which is taking place for the second time in the Bajío region, specifically in the city of León, Guanajuato, in the current year. The title reflects two distinctive elements of the city of León: the group of transgender women influencers known as "Las Perdidas" and the process by which animal skin is prepared before being transformed into various articles. The artists who will be featured in this edition are:

1. Guillermina Bustos

Guillermina Bustos is an artist and art researcher who identifies as bisexual and polyamorous. She is an activist for LGBTQI+ and migrant rights within the art field. Guillermina resides and works in São Paulo, Brazil, holding a Master's Degree in Arts from the University of Chile and a Bachelor's Degree in Painting from the University of Córdoba. She has participated in over 20 exhibitions in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico. Currently, she is actively involved in art research initiatives, including Uberbau_house, Curatoría Forense – Latin America, Cooperativa de Arte, and VADB – Latin American contemporary art. Her artistic work serves as a means of cultural exploration through appropriations and interventions in everyday spaces and objects.

2. Jorge Sepúlveda T.  

Jorge Sepúlveda T. is a multifaceted curator, researcher, and art critic based in São Paulo, Brazil. He has founded and coordinated several influential initiatives, including Curatoría Forense - Latin America (2005), Trabajadores de Arte (2012), Editorial Curatoría Forense (2013), Cooperativa de Arte (2015), Uberbau_house Art Research Center (São Paulo, 2016), and the VADB - Latin American Contemporary Art community (2016), among others. His extensive contributions include organizing over 40 contemporary art exhibitions, managing 52 group art residencies across eight Latin American countries, and facilitating more than 130 individual research residencies at Uberbau_house, with participation from 600+ residents spanning America, Europe, and Asia. Jorge has authored 250+ analytical articles, 9 books, and 12 fanzines, focusing on topics such as contemporary visual arts, autonomous contemporary art management, the art system, public funding, and artistic and social imagination. He has also conducted seminars and lectures across Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, France, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela. Currently, he resides and works in São Paulo, Brazil

3. Fausto Gracia  

Fausto Gracia is a visual artist and performer who is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Social Sciences at the Autonomous University of Querétaro. His work has been showcased at festivals, museums, and public spaces across Mexico, Latin America, and Europe. Fausto has actively contributed to the organization, management, and curation of artistic projects in Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, Canada, and Ireland. Additionally, he has collaborated with civil organizations and collectives on issues related to HIV/AIDS prevention and detection, human sexualities, and the human rights of individuals within sexual and gender diversities.

4. Ariana Ibañez  

Ariana Ibañez is a writer, artist, and editorial designer. They hold a Master's degree in Gender Studies from the Faculty of Arts at the Autonomous University of Querétaro. Ariana has published two volumes of poetry and anthologies and organizes artistic events to promote and advocate for the sexual and reproductive rights of women and gender-diverse individuals. They have also participated in exhibitions at CEIIDA, UANL, MACQ, Libertad Gallery, and Rosario Sánchez de Lozada Gallery. Ariana is the founder of Casa Tanit, a micro-publisher specializing in dissident writings.

5. Clarisa Moura

Clarisa Moura is a designer and cultural manager whose work focuses on interdisciplinary and community-based cultural project management with a gender perspective. She curates exhibitions of contemporary graphics and engages in editorial work related to artistic and social projects.

6. Daniela Rea  

Daniela Rea is a journalist and writer, known for her books "Nadie les pidió perdón. Historias de impunidad y resistencia" (2015) and "La Tropa. Por qué mata un soldado" (2019). Her work explores the tensions between horror and beauty and involves creating spaces for listening.

For more information about Nodos: Bajío 2 | León: Perdidxs y curtidxs visit PAC instagram.

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