Ayarkut Presents: Public Art - Art in Public Spaces at ARBAT Fest 11

Supported by the Akimat of Almaty City, InDrive Kazakhstan and Ayarkut, this project explores the intersection of art, urban landscape, and societal discourse.

October 10, 2023

Powered by InDrive ARTBAT Fest 11 is back, and this year it's bringing one project to the forefront: "Public Art - Art in Public Spaces." Running from September 14th to November 15th, this initiative aims to engage locals and tourists alike with art installations that question our perspective on the environment and society.

Focused on the theme of Anthropocene critique, the project explores the impact of human activities on nature and the climate crisis. Each installation serves as a visual commentary on the complex relationship between human actions, environmental consequences, and social dynamics.

Wolf, 2023 by Bekhbaatar Enkhtur.
Paper architecture, 2023 by Saken Narynov.

The festival program, overseen by Almaty city administration, includes community art projects, murals, audio installations, film screenings, and ongoing initiatives. Public art will enhance multiple city areas, with a focus on Baizetova Street and intersections like Abay and Tole bi streets, featuring murals, augmented reality, graffiti, and temporary installations. 

International artists, including Suarez Vargas Universal (USA/Kyrgyzstan), Birender Kumar Yadav (India), Renata Kaminska (Germany/Poland), Brinda Antonin (Czech Republic), Oksun Kim (South Korea), Lauren Moffatt (Australia), Saule Suleimenova (Kazakhstan), Saken Narynov (Kazakhstan), Aika Akhmetova (USA/Kazakhstan), Said Atabekov (Kazakhstan), Saule Duisenbina (Kazakhstan), among others, are participating in the festival.

In addition to the "Public Art - Art in Public Spaces" project, ARTBAT Fest 11 offers a variety of activities:

October Highlights:

  • Group Exhibition by Yemaa Art Space: From October 3rd to October 20th, an ecology-focused group exhibition takes place at Egin, opening on October 11th at 19:00.
  • First Reading Seminar at Egin: On October 12th at 19:30, a reading seminar takes place, perfect for literature enthusiasts.
  • Third Screening Series of Jetiqaraqshy: On October 13th at 21:30, Lumiere Hall continues its series of local documentary film screenings.

November Highlight:

  • Opening of the Group Exhibition "Paxta": On November 14th at 18:00, Oksun Kim's photo exhibition "Paxta" opens at the Kasteyev Museum.

Ayarkut is committed to supporting artists making their art and message available to all through their public art projects. Join us at ARTBAT Fest 11 and be part of the exploration behind Anthropocene critique.


October 10, 2023

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