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Fostering Artistic Exploration in Video and Media Art

November 30, 2023


Japan | Contemplative Program for Experimentation

Duration: The duration varies from 1 to 2 months, depending on the program.

Offer: Studio space, accommodation, and basic consultation and orientation at the beginning of the residency program. As an option activity, participants are invited to the “Show & Tell” salon to present their work and share projects with the local community at the end of the residency.

Requirements: Applicants must not be enrolled in educational institutions during the program, except for those pursuing a PhD, and should possess proficient English communication skills.

Application Deadline: December 2023

Application Fee: None

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Germany | Recognizing Innovative Projects Linking the Digital Space

Duration: 4 weeks

Offer: For 4 weeks, every evening in August and September, the more than 170-meter-long façade of the Karlsruhe Baroque Palace becomes a big stage for artistic contributions of projection mapping. From 2024 onwards, the dm Award “connecting worlds” will be rewarded to an outstanding project, that connects the digital and analogue space and carries the projection mappings from the façade of the palace to the city center.

Requirements: Submit an English application by December 15, 2023  including a brief project outline. Employees of organizing institutions, sponsors, presenters, and jury members are ineligible.

Application Deadline: December 2023

Application Fee: None

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Argentina | One Month Residency

Duration: 4 weeks.

Offer: Proyectoáce offers reviews from a professional team permanently available, pre-production and production assistance. Professional networking and a profile on ´ace's website.Program provides its participants with space and guidance to explore different mediums, while it connects the residents with the art and cultural scene of Buenos Aires.

Requirements: The selection process considers the proposed project or research subject and its relevance to local and international art standards.

Application Deadline: January 2024

Application Fee: Free

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November 30, 2023

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