Art in theater is highly personal, with frequent auditions and limited opportunities often causing hardship for artists. However, there are numerous global open calls available, contrary to common perception.

October 13, 2023


Germany | Unleashing Creative Possibilities

Duration: 1 to 3 months

Offer: The artist groups have the possibility to work for a period of one month to three months at the Fleetstreet Theatre in Hamburg. If the group doesn´t live in Hamburg, a studio apartment (3 rooms, kitchen, bathroom) is provided and a cash grant for the group in the total amount of € 1000,00 per month will be paid. For all groups the Hamburger Kulturstiftung and the Rudolf Augstein Stiftung will grant the amount of € 1000,00 per month each.

Requirements: Description of the project proposals with visualization that is as meaningful as possible (also in the form of sketches, photos, plans; including ideas for mediation/presentation, etc) and artist short biography.

Application Deadline: September 2024

Application Fee: None

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The Neatherlands | Inclusive Opportunity for All Actors

Duration: 1 showcase

Offer: The Spoffin OFF Showcase offers artists the chance to win the €2,500 VKZ Spoffin OFF Award, with earnings from performances going to the artists. It includes travel compensation, hotel stays in double rooms, meals, networking opportunities with theater professionals, and outdoor performance venues. The event also provides substantial publicity and a pleasant atmosphere.

Requirements: Initial selection prioritizes artistic qualities, audience interaction, and easy transportability for plug-and-play productions with minimal text.

Application Deadline: February 2024

Application Fee: None

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New York | Fostering Artistic Growth

Duration: One to Three Years.

Offer: Through the Here artist residency program, Here commissions and develops new hybrid works over a 1- to 3-year period. As part of the Here community of artists and audiences, our residents show works-in-progress, develop workshop productions, and mount full–scale productions

Requirements: The residency is for New York metro area artists or teams with over five years of experience and at least one full-length work. It's ideal for those exploring new forms, styles and who want to actively engage with Here's community.

Application Deadline: Ongoing

Application Fee: None

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Italy | Recognizing a Life Onstage

Duration: 1 Months

Offer: It offers one-month fellowships upon individuals from diverse age groups and nationalities engaged in the creation of noteworthy works in the arts and humanities. During their stay, Fellows reside and work in serene coastal environs near Genova.

Requirements: To be eligible for a fellowship, applicants should demonstrate significant achievement in their disciplines, commensurate with their age and experience. Please note that Bogliasco Fellowships are not awarded to students currently in a degree-granting program.

Application Deadline: December 2023

Application Fee: 30 USD

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October 13, 2023

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