Terremoto Presents Travesías

Bridging Art, Science, and Visionary Exploration

September 22, 2023

Terremoto is proud to announce 'Travesías,' a research residency that brings together Latin American artistic and scientific practices to explore space conquest, planetary imagination, and the possibilities of the cosmos in the face of a challenging future on Earth. This initiative unfolds in yearly iterations, with each volume centered on a specific territory within the Americas, exploring distinct research themes.

As a lead-up to 2024's Simulacros Interplanetarios residency, Travesías Terremoto presents in 2023:"

1. El destello de algo más, Terremoto La Postal": An exhibition running from November 9th to December 9th, 2023, in Laguna, that presents a time-capsule curated by Ana Gabriela García and Helena Lugo, preserving memories of alternative presents.

2. "Antes del desmoronamiento de esta tierra": Guided tour into the exhibition with the curators to introduce the objectives and utopian strategies of the residency program that will take place during 2024."

3. The Intergalactic Allies": A screening/conference curated by Itala Schmelz tracing the relationships  between  Latin American ancestral knowledge, shamanism and science fiction narratives.Closing performance by Valentina Díaz on 09-12-23: More information, coming soon.

In 2024, Travesías will launch its first volume, titled "Simulacros Interplanetarios" This mission explores the Sonoran desert, renowned for its exoplanetary landscape. The focus is on collective reflection regarding utopian strategies for world creation, non-hegemonic futures, and space exploration, all viewed through an anti-patriarchal, anti-colonial, and anti-racist lens. The program comprises a research residency, a public program, a printed publication, and unpublished online texts.

For more information about TERREMOTO Projects, please visit @terremoto_mx

Terremoto Presents Travesías

Bridging Art, Science, and Visionary Exploration

September 22, 2023
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Travesías: Interplanetary Simulations, by Terremoto, unites Latin American art and science to explore space, imagination, and cosmos. In 2024, it introduces a Laboratory, publication, and analog mission, exploring the Sonoran desert's unique terrain. This venture collectively reflects on utopian world creation, non-hegemonic futures, and space exploration with an inclusive lens.

The project encompasses various phases, including:


Terremoto La Postal is an exhibition program that promotes archival research projects within the artistic field through public exhibits. It contributes to the critical review of art history in the Americas and explores curatorship as an experimental field for anti-patriarchal exhibition of archival research, serving as a platform to recontextualize historical narratives. For the 8th edition of La Postal, it's been planned a time capsule project where five artists will be commissioned to create an archive for a future life in space. The time capsule, displayed as an exhibition, will explore the relationship between humankind and the objects and imaginaries we have created as a civilization. Curated by Ana Gabriela García and Helena Lugo, potential venues include the Vernacular Institute, with a duration of one month.


EL FUTURO MÁS ACÁ is a screening event dedicated to Mexican science fiction cinema from 1945 to 1980. Curated and commented by Itala Schmelz, the program features scenes from Mexican films that provide a unique perspective on how Mexicans have adopted Hollywood sci-fi while maintaining their own cultural identity. These films propose a counter-narrative on envisioning the future and space from Latin America.


STARGAZE is a curated tour to the observatory of the Instituto Politécnico Nacional, led by expert astronomers Ana Cristina Olvera and Antígona Segura that offers a unique opportunity to connect with the wonders of the universe.

In 2024, Travesías will launch a Laboratory, a publication, and an analog mission. This mission will explore the Sonoran desert, characterized by its exoplanetary landscape, to collectively reflect on utopian strategies for world creation, non-hegemonic futures, and space exploration, under an anti-patriarchal, anti-colonial, and anti-racist perspective.

About Terremoto.

Founded in 2013 in Mexico City, Terremoto has transformed into a non-profit Civil Association (Asociación Terremoto), diversifying its spheres of activity, audiences, and outreach channels. The Civil Association has nurtured an exhibition program centered around archives (La Postal) and has been complemented since 2017 by an editorial endeavor (Temblores Publicaciones). These pillars empower it to function as an agency for interdisciplinary projects, envisioning and overseeing initiatives such as artist residencies, artist editions, public programs, and more.

For more information about TERREMOTO Projects, please visit terremoto.mx and @terremoto_mx

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