Visual Arts: OPEN CALLS 23'

Opportunities in 2023: Open Calls for Visual Arts Programs Providing Residencies, Scholarships, and Grants

November 16, 2023


Canada | Immersive Artistry in Natural Surroundings

Duration: Residences must be minimum 2 weeks in length and maximum 6 weeks. They must start on a Monday and end on a Friday, with arrival on the Sunday before and departure on the Saturday after.

Offer: Independent residencies at the Leighton Artists Studios offer artists time, space and an inspiring retreat environment for the development of their work. Residencies are offered for a minimum period of two weeks up to six weeks. Each unique studio is designed by a distinguished Canadian architect and provides a perfect setting for projects requiring focus and time for contemplation. Artists working in the Leighton Artists Studios have the opportunity to engage with the community on campus by attending talks, performances, exhibitions, and activities offered by Participant Resources.

Requirements: Artists whose projects fit within the footprint of a Leighton Studio, and which do not require additional production support, to apply. Artists of all ages (18+), cultural backgrounds, gender identities and expressions are encouraged to apply.

Application Deadline: April 2024

Application Fee: None

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Catalonia | In-Depth Artist Program

Duration: 6 months

Offer: Studios, workshops, flats and professional advice.

Requirements: Projects deriving from material based, artistic development / research including material research, prototype production or other kinds of “work in process”. Projects that resemble research, exploration, and innovation. The purpose of the project must be well described.

Application Deadline: February 2024

Application Fee: None

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Spain | On-field Opportunity

Duration: 2-4 weeks.

Offer: They provide workspace and final open studio in their space located in the Gracia, one of the most central neighbourhoods with greater visibility and cultural life in Barcelona. They offer dissemination in digital channels both social networks, as web page and local media to promote residence and 24h access to the gallery with total autonomy of the artist.

Requirements: Visual Artists from all disciplines, drawing, installation, video art, sculpture, electronic, painting, performance, photography, are invited to send an application.

Application Deadline: Ongoing

Application Fee: Free

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November 16, 2023

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July 28, 2023

Open Calls for Visual Arts Programs Providing Residencies, Scholarships, and Grants


Visual Arts: OPEN CALLS

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