Cultivating LGBTQ+ Women's Artistic Growth in Mexico

Supporting emerging artists can be an arduous task during the artistic process. Recognizing this challenge, Alma Camelia, an artist from Mexico, established LaBIAr, a transformative project designed to guide and connect creators through their artistic journeys.

LaBIAr Beginnings & Mission

Alma initiated LaBIAr with a genuine vision to address the needs of visual artists, rooted in her own experiences in professional development. Her goal was to create a platform that not only supports artists but also equips them with essential tools for professional growth. LaBIAr serves as an artistic imagination and research laboratory, providing a creative mentoring program where artists can translate their ideas into tangible artistic projects with guidance from professionals across relevant knowledge areas.

The aim is to foster a more robust, supportive, and committed community of artists.Established in 2019, LaBIAr operates independently, utilizing its resources while forming alliances with supporters and institutions that share its vision. Central to the program is its commitment to inclusivity, particularly targeting women, LGBTQ+ individuals, and those challenging norms within the art world. Alma Camelia aims to create a safe and nurturing environment for artists from diverse backgrounds and identities to flourish creatively and professionally.

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Content of the Program

LaBIAr program encompasses various artistic and creative cores:

1. Imagination:
Space for reflection and development of creative processes, addressing sensitive, conceptual, and political aspects of art projects. 

2. Mental Health:
Providing emotional and mental health support through narrative practices focused on artistic creation.

3. Human Body:
Exploring the body and sound as hidden intuitions, inviting artists to deepen their connection with their physical selves. 

4. Materialities:
Focusing on the language of materials used in art projects, examining their relevance, possibilities, and ethical dimensions.

5. Curatorship:
Dedicated to writing, reflection, and the amalgamation of artwork proposals, with a focus on art curatorship.

6. Organization and Management:
Addressing the organization, management, and decision-making aspects of artistic practices, including time management and productivity.

7. Connection:
Equipping participants with tools for effective communication of creative content on social networks and strategies for wider reach.

In the latest edition, participants experienced eight different cores of work led by artists such as Alejandra Zamora from Mexico, Kekena Corbalán from Argentina, Nina Fiocco from Italy, Geni Granados from Brazil, and more.

The participants supported by Ayarkut in this edition include:
1. Leslie Pita, Espitall
2. Rocío Soria-Díaz
3. Alejandra Flores
4. Betzabee
5. Stefanie Vortex
6. Mariana Toff
7. Lluvia Guevara

The educational program conclude on September 30th of the current year.

"It was a profoundly enriching experience. We had the opportunity to connect and engage with a community with diverse artistic proposals. It was a space where I learned from very important and brilliant facilitators and guides with whom we could share and build upon our own experiences and ways of life."

Stefanie Vortex | Feminist philosopher and curator.

About Alma Camelia

Alma Camelia, an artist graduated from the Faculty of Arts and Design, UNAM, is the driving force behind LaBIAr. Her extensive background includes directing her first feature film with support from FONCA and Mujeres Lab. She has exhibited her work in prestigious galleries and art fairs internationally and has received numerous awards and accolades for her contributions to the art world.For more information about LaBIAr, visit their Instagram and stay updated on Ayarkut's social media channels.

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