Public Art Festival

Almaty | Artbat x inDrive

Discover the Anthropocene through boundary-breaking public art, making creativity accessible to all.


Ayarkut Pages

Explore art opportunities through informative conversations with institutions.


Ayarkut Voices

Unveiling Artists' Impact on Social Issues.



by PAC

"Nodos: Bajío 2 | Perdidxs y curtidxs": Continuing Dialogues on Violence Impact on Regional Artists in León, Guanajuato.



Empowering Art: Cobertizo's Nonprofit Residency Program Focused on Production Processes.



Museo de Arte Contemporáneo
de Ecatepec

Fostering Local Impact Through Art, Ecology, Gastronomy, and Human Rights.



by Lolita Pank

Empowering Women, Dissidents, and LGBTIQ+ Artists. Nurturing Creativity in Visual Arts



by Terremoto

Exploring Decentralized Spaces for Latin American Creativity.


El cuarto de
los ojos sucios

A Curatorial Dive into Contemporary Painting, featuring Live Art Discussions with Renowned Painters.


SOMA Wednesdays

Fostering Cultural Exchange and Art Education for Over a Decade, in Collaboration with Ayarkut

Ayarkut recognizes the transformative power of art and culture as a way to promote social change and challenge injustice. We provide support and resources to art professionals, galleries and cultural organizations that share our values.

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