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Exploring Art Opportunities Through Informative Conversations With Institutions

About Ayarkut PAGES

Ayarkut Pages is a project that offers a bi-monthly video series exploring global art opportunities, co-curated by cultural agency ipureland.art

Andrea Bustillos and Anna Evtiguina discuss approaches and principles of artists’ support with representatives from international artist residencies, as well as their specific programs available to Latin American artists.

Upcoming events

Ayarkut Pages announcement

| November 7, 2023

Speakers: Andrea Bustillos Duhart & Anna Evtiugina

ONX Studio (NYC) and Onassis Foundation (Athens)


Moderator: Andrea Bustillos Duhart & Anna Evtiugina

Speaker: Jazia Hammoudi, Director ONX Studio

Watermill Center | Long Island, USA

| december 7, 2023

Moderator: Andrea Bustillos Duhart & Anna Evtiugina

Speaker: Nicole Martorana, Director of Programming

international Studio and Curatorial Program (ISCP) | New York

| december 22, 2023

Moderator: Andrea Bustillos Duhart & Anna Evtiugina

Speaker: Houda Lazrak, Director of Communications and Development

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Meet the Experts

Anna Evtiugina

Curator and cultural entrepreneur based in New York. She is a founding director of ipureland.art agency and creative studio that supports cultural organizations, brands, and artists worldwide through consulting, strategic business partnerships, professional development, and producing digital immersive experiences.

Anna is a Fulbright scholar and Edmund Muskie fellow, who created a number of unique exchange programs for art professionals, including an accelerator program for young galleries at international art fairs.

Andrea Bustillos Duhart

Mexican Curator and Cultural manager based in Mexico City. She is an art historian with a degree from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. From 2016 to 2022 she was Gallery Director at Galería Karen Huber where she oversaw numerous exhibitions and contributed to the growth of emerging artists.

Previously, Andrea was assistant curator at the Museo Nacional de San Carlos (Mexico City) where she curated "Los Disparates de Goya" (2013) and "Tarjetas de Visita y Retratos del Siglo XIX" (2015), among other exhibitions. Independently she has recently curated collective shows in collaboration with Polina Stroganova such as “brooms, mattresses, sheets and birds” and “Peel…” Currently, she serves as the Curatorial Director at Ayarkut.

Your Questions Answered 

What's the program's content?

Each conversation will provide clear information about the residency program of that week, including fees, dates, deadlines, location, and requirements. We'll also address all questions pre-requested by our audience through our social media.

How can I submit my questions during each edition?

We'll provide updates on how and where to submit your questions for our speakers through our Instagram account before our sessions are recorded.

How can I find international art exhibitions and festivals to showcase my work?

Every Thursday, we share pre-reviewed open calls in different art fields on our Instagram and website. Our current open calls include:Architecture
Dance + Performance
Video Art + Media Art + Documentary
TheatreArtists & Residencies Grants
Art + Science + Technology + Media Art

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July 28, 2023

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