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The recent Nodos edition, "Nodos: Bajío 2 | Perdidxs y curtidxs," occurred in León, Guanajuato, from September 28 to 30, 2023, building on discussions initiated in last year's edition in San Luis Potosí about the impact of violence on regional artists.


NODOS, a joint initiative by Ayarkut Foundation and PAC (Patronage for Contemporary Art in Mexico), is a platform for dialogue and exploration that allows members of different artistic fields across Mexico and LATAM come together through workshops, experimental pedagogical activities, and open discussions.

The recent Nodos edition, "Nodos: Bajío 2 | Perdidxs y curtidxs," unfolded in León, Guanajuato, from September 28 to 30, 2023. Building on the discussions initiated in the prior year's event in San Luis Potosí, this edition provided a platform for the local artistic community to explore the impacts of violence on their lives and creative expressions. The theme, inspired by the transgender influencers "Las Perdidas," emphasized the value of getting lost, fostering self-discovery.

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Members of NODOS PAC.

This edition proudly featured the following members of NODOS PAC:

Guillermina Bustos

Artist and LGBTQI+ activist based in São Paulo, Brazil.

Jorge Sepúlveda T

Curator, researcher, and art critic, also hailing from São Paulo.

Fausto Gracia

Visual artist and performer, currently pursuing a Doctorate in Social Sciences.

Ariana Ibañez

Writer, artist, and editorial designer with a Master's degree in Gender Studies.

Clarisa Moura

Designer and cultural manager, specializing in interdisciplinary and community-based cultural project management.

Daniela Rea

Journalist and writer, known for her investigative work on violence and human rights.

workshop calendar

This edition proudly featured distinguished members of NODOS PAC:

day 1


Historical exploration of Leon's tannery district.


Discussion on workplace discrimination by Colectivo Horizontes Posibles.

day 2


Discussions with Daniela Rea and Clarisa Moura.


Latin American collective insights on "Curaduria Forense".

day 3


Closing session, expressing gratitude to contributors and emphasizing the transformative role of art in Latin America.

Day 1

On the first day, attendees explored an abandoned tannery in the neighborhood's heart, once a hub for tanning in the late 19th century. An industry expert shared the area's historical context.

In the afternoon, they visited "IMAGINA," where Colectivo Horizontes Posibles discussed workplace discrimination. Their presentation prompted a government-funded workshop in response to a survey revealing over 60% of museum employees had experienced discrimination.

Day 2

The second day featured a discussion with Daniela Rea and Clarisa Moura about their project, "Recetario Para la Memoria," created with mothers of missing persons in Guanajuato. Attendees explored the region's increased danger, linked to the industrial corridor's establishment. Later, attendees engaged in a cooking session with some of the mothers, humanizing their loved ones through shared meals.

Friday evening, attendees attended a discussion on "Curaduria Forense" with members Jorge Sepulveda and Guillermina Bustos. The collective, based in Sao Paulo, conducts research projects like "Art Workers," aiming to equip artists with tools for fair negotiations with institutions.

Day 3

The journey ended with a closing session hosted by PAC Nodos, expressing gratitude to contributors and emphasizing the role of art in Latin America as a catalyst for action..

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"If we want the local contemporary art scenes to grow and consolidate, it is imperative that the people working in them get to know each other and engage in dialogue and the PAC facilitates these encounters."

Marco López Valenzuela - Co-director of

See the opinions of the event

“We believe that it's important to get lost, in order to later recognize ourselves, to know ourselves better, and to strengthen the bonds of our communities through the identification of the problems and hardships we face together. In essence, we are here to find ourselves lost and to affectionately strengthen each other.”

Content Committee of Nodos - Bajío I Perdidxs y Curtidxs
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